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Brand Strategy

Why have a brand strategy?

Branding strategy is about defining how you use your brand in a competitive environment and how you position it for successes.  So why should you bother?  Well - a strong brand will help your customers to form an opinion of your products and services.  Branding can make shopping more efficient because it reduces the amount of decision making required as well as the purchase risk.  Customers who trust a brand can start to buy habitually, which means they don't need to think about it - they just do it.  There is no better example of this type of purchasing than in the supermarket.  Customers walk around the isles, picking up products and are required to make a large number of decisions.  These decisions are less involved than purchasing a car or hiring a lawyer, because they are of less value and buying habits can come into play.  If you're bought Heinz beans before and were happy - why not put another tin in your basket?


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