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Branding Agency

What is a Branding Agency?

A branding agency develops new brands for businesses including the creation of logos, colour schemes and brand guidelines.  Brands come in many forms - names, signs, symbols or strap lines.  The term brand, which originally came from branding cattle, has now become a way of describing how we think and feel about companies and people.  A branding agency looks after existing brands, re-develops old brands and can re-position brands to help change consumer perception.

Brands must be Strategic

Branding is a core element in the marketing mix and should be considered at a strategic level.  How does your brand fit within its environment, marketplace and industry?  Does it blend in with the crowd or does it stand up or stand out?  Your brand, and the way you communicate your brand should follow your strategic marketing objectives to help you to achieve your business goals.

Brands must be Scalable

Brands are often encompassed and associated with logos and symbols which represent companies and businesses. These designs are usually created as EPS (Editable Post Script) or AI (Adobe Illustrator) which means they are created as shapes rather than in pixels (using a program like Adobe Photoshop).  The reason for this is that with an EPS or AI logo, you can scale up to any size.  So - if you find yourself in a position to have you logo spanning the length of a building, you'll be able to print it cleanly and without any artefacts / pixels (dots).

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