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Creative Agency Ethos

Our Creative Agency Ethos

If people don't think, they don't change.  Wherever possible, we try to apply this thought to our marketing because it's the way in which we change people's attitudes and beliefs that facilitates change.  If you promote your business in the same way as your competitors, your business won't stand out and customers will not understand any reason to try your offering over and above any other.  By challenging the way your customers view your marketplace, you can begin to lead it in your own way which can give you more opportunity for commercial success.

3 Box Thinking (thanks M&C Saatchi)

M&C Saatchi promote their agency services on the principles of 'brutal simplicity'.  This is the idea that whatever you're selling should be broken down to its core value or essence for it to be understood.  They have a formula which we have used a number of times in creating new marketing campaigns and it works amazingly well.

SURT + Brand Truth = IDEA

Surt is a 'Simple universally recognisable truth'.  A Brand truth is an irrefutable fact about the brand.  And the idea you can generate from going through those processes is a strikingly simple one.

Why does 3 box thinking work?

3 box thinking works because it mirrors an old sales technique of getting someone to say 'yes' 3 times which then results in them saying 'yes' to the final question of 'would you like to buy this product'.  If you tell people that the sky is blue or the grass is green - they have no option but to agree.  If you then tell them something they can't dispute about your brand then they have to agree with that too.  Once you finally hit them with your simple new idea, they have not option to but agree once again, even if it challenges their existing beliefs. 

Working with a Creative Agency

We are a creative agency.  This means that we combine all the best areas of a design agency, branding agency, marketing agency and even mobile agency together to offer you a full service agency experience.  Our approach is one of creative commercialism.  All of our creative work at it's core must work commercially otherwise its simply not worth doing.

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