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What is e-marketing?

E-marketing is a form of direct marketing which involves sending prospective and existing customers e-mail communications which promote your products or services.

Benefits / problems with e-marketing

E-marketing is quick, easy and (apart from design/setup costs) free.  This means you can quickly communicate with your entire customer or prospect base very quickly. However, because anybody can start sending out emails - many people do!  The quality of the information drops and the people reading their emails have now become experts in filtering out 'useful' information.  

Think about your own day-to-day email experiences.  How much of your time is spent deleting spam and deleting emails (without even looking at them) from companies you have bought from before but don't have the time or the inclination to read their e-newsletter.

Using traditional e-marketing, we have found that there is a trend towards offers based e-marketing.  In order to be read, emails need to have a strong hook to draw people in.

Measuring the success of e-marketing

Happily, because it's online - we can measure the success of e-marketing campaigns.  Open rates used to be a good measuring stick but with more people using iPhones and mobile devices which strip out HTML elements, this is become an inaccurate indicator.  We are putting more focus on the click-throughs and 'who is clicking through' to help companies understand and get to know the customers who are engaging with e-marketing campaigns.

Automated e-marketing

We are pushing the bar even higher for our clients by creating rules-based e-marketing which happens automatically.  A ‘rules’ based system allows automated emails at chosen times.

For example, every time a sale is made, an email 7 days later could be automatically sent to the customer asking if they enjoyed the product and offering a prompt to leave feedback or engage social media.

7 days after that, an email could be sent saying ‘we hoped they enjoyed the ‘XYZ’ product - would you like to try ‘ABC’ with FREE delivery if you order within 48hrs?

They great thing about rules based e-marketing is that once it is set up, it doesn't cost anything to run but the results from sending customers relevant communication at the right time can be huge.

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