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Google Product Feed

Google Product Feed

If you run an e-commerce website selling a large volume of products then Google Product Feed can really increase your audience figures.  Google Product Feed is relatively simple to set-up and is provided FREE by Google.  It allows Google to see what it is your selling, and list products accordingly within its search results.

Example - The Brie Baker from Weeton's

For Weeton's, one of our digital and print clients - we have synchronised our products with Google Product Feed.  What this means in real terms is that when someone does a Google Search for 'brie baker' we come top of the list.  It can be very profitable to be top of a specific product search term because customers who are already aware of the product and are searching for it directly are usually ready to make a purchase.  

The other great part about Google Product Feed is that we don't just come top of the list - our picture of the product is also shown in the search results.  For those, interested in buying a brie baker - it's a great result from the leading search engine.

Please click on this link if you're interested in a Brie Baker - they are a very popular and a great way to serve brie!

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