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How to Choose a Creative Agency

How to Choose a Creative Agency

In this guide we will take you through some of the questions you should be asking yourself when choosing a creative agency.

Where should I look?

As you're reading this page, there's a good chance you're already using the web to find things.  Don't forget to put your location into the search - so, 'Creative Agency Leeds' might produce better results than a broad search like 'Creative Agency' for example.

Talk to people.  Ask for recommendations.  Find businesses that are flying or whose creative efforts you love and find out who their agency is.  

An Agency is only as good as it's people

... and it's people are only as good as their portfolio!  How the creative people you engage with tackled creative briefs in the past is one of the best ways in which you can assess their potential to produce work which takes your business forward.  Then it's time to talk and meet with the creative people who will be actually working with you (not just the slick salesperson who's job it is to sign you up!)

Think long term

Your agency should be almost an extension of your business.  It should know you well enough that the ideas your agency comes up help you on your journey.  Chopping and changing costs time and money to get a new agency engrained into your culture.  If you can make the right choice at the start, you shouldn't need to make changes.

Location of the Agency

It matters less these days whether your agency is 10 minutes down the road or half way round the world but it does make a difference.  If you can meet the people you deal with at the start of the relationship is does help bond you together.  But it depends on the connections you make and whether you feel connected.  We have some excellent long term customers we haven't seen in person for years but it doesn't matter - we still have a deep understanding of their business which doesn't change.

Size Matters

Large businesses feel more comefortable doing business with other large businesses.  Likewise micro-businesses can often work better with other micro-businesses.  It's not the most important point on this list but it's just something to bear in mind. 

Best of luck!  And if you're looking for a Creative Agency, we recommend ... erm, now who is it again .... oh yes - us!

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