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How to Choose a Mobile Agency

How to Choose a Mobile Agency

In this guide we will take you through some of the questions you should be asking yourself when choosing a mobile agency.

Choose Open Minds

Mobile has been talked about for years as the next big thing, but it's only in the last two that mobile has really taken off in a really big way.  In finding an agency to help you make the most of these opportunities, one of the most important things you should look for is open and agile minds.  You should look to work with innovators who are at the cutting edge and are constantly pushing themselves forward to achieve bigger and better things.  

Often when choosing an agency it is essential to consider the portfolio as an indication of how they might approach your brief.  With mobile, there isn't years of experience to work from - or a mobile portfolio example which is in your industry.  You must therefore choose to work with people who are change addicts - who thrive on the new and constantly push the envelope.

The best Mobile Agency is an 'innovative agency'

As with all business and marketing challenges, the best solution is the one that meets the needs of the customer.  For mobile, it means having a keen understanding of how people work with their devices.  Catering to the mobile market is about flexibility.  Browsing a site on a PC is a completely different experience from using an iPad which different still from using a smartphone.  A good mobile agency will understand this, and be able to build solutions which engage the customer in different ways on different devices.

We love building in Mobile

We are big fans of building micro-mobile applications (applications for smartphones).  With smartphone websites and applications, you can distil a business problem down to its very core and provide simple solutions.  In many ways for it to be a success - you have to!  Catering to a moving audience means you really have to provide exactly what they need and when.

Text into Mobile

One of the biggest trends we are seeing at the moment is the relationship between text and the mobile web.  Text with a link to a mobile optimised website can be a hugely effective way of engaging customers while they are on the move.  Timing is essential and we've got all sorts of tricks to make sure the right message goes out at the right time.

Looking for a Mobile Agency?

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