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Mobile Advertising

What is Mobile Advertising?

Mobile advertising is advertising which appears on mobile devices.  Adverts specific to mobile devices can appear in Google search results (when browsing the mobile internet) or as part of Apps (downloaded programs for mobile devices).

Google Adwords and Advertising

If you have a mobile website and would like to appear on Google's paid for advertising (Pay Per Click), you can specify whether or not your adverts are shown on mobile devices.  You can even tailor your adverts to be mobile specific and location specific.  So, if you're running a coffee shop in Leeds you might want people who search for 'coffee shop' on their mobile devices while in Leeds city centre.  Perhaps you'd like to hit them with an offer specific to mobile devices to help capture this niche tourist trade who might choose your coffee shop of that of a competitor.

Apps and Mobile Advertising

Many 'FREE' mobile Apps contain advertising to help pay for their development.  This can encompass anything from games like Angry Birds and Asphalt (a popular racing car game) to news feeds and google map applications.

As a mobile agency, we get involved in all kinds of work with mobile advertising and marketing including Mobile Marketing for the iPadMobile Marketing for the iPhone and Mobile Marketing on Android.

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