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Mobile Agency: Text (SMS) Marketing

What is Mobile Marketing through Text (SMS)?

Mobile Marketing through text message or SMS (Short Message Service) is the process of sending customers (or potential customers) a message to their phone. 

Mobile Marketing through Text (SMS) is now easier than ever...

Almost all customers have mobile phones and almost 100% of mobile phones have a facility for receiving text messages.  Text messages are an under used resource in customer communications in part because there is a perception that there are high set-up costs to running a text (SMS) campaign.

Set-up costs are now FREE and the price per text is just 6p. This can make it a hugely cost effective means of communicating with an ever more mobile audience.  The key to successful SMS campaigns is timing and content. 

Example of Text Based Campaigns

Let's say you run a chain of pubs and you want to appeal to your customer base local to your area.  Your customers come in regularly enough to obtain their mobile numbers but you're competing with other restaurants / other pubs and popular TV programs like 'The X Factor' for the way in which your customers choose to spend their evenings.

In this example, timing is extremely important.  Many people work from 9am-5pm.  If a customer in this category doesn't have anything particular planned for the evening then 4pm could be a great time to persuade them to come to your establishment.  If you also include an incentive to 'bring your mates', you can help customers to recruit more customers for you.

So, the text might run:

"FIRST PINT ON US! Find 3 mates to come to the XYZ Pub tonight and we'll buy you your first pint.  Just show your offer code at the bar: ABCoffercode."

How can we help you manage your SMS Campaign?

We develop content management systems (CMS) for our clients to help them manage the content of their websites and also external communications with their customers (like creating and broadcasting HTML emails).  Text message services are no different.  By integrating text into your core online communications module, you can categorise and group customers as well as scheduling planned broadcasts at certain times in the day (like the above example - at 4pm on a weeknight).

As a mobile agency, we get involved in all kinds of work with mobile marketing including Mobile Marketing for the iPad, Mobile Marketing for the iPhone and Mobile Marketing on Android.

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