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Social Networking

What is Social Networking?

Social Networking is a structured web of people on the internet and on mobile devices.  It enables people to communicate with each other through multiple channels like messages, blog-style postings and the sharing of images and video.  

The Connected Network

Throughout life, we continually connect with other individuals.  Sometimes in small ways (like Jim in Accounts, or the shop assistant at M&S) and sometimes in longer more meaningful connections (such as close family).  The Social Network encourages people to connect with each other who have small as well as meaningful links to each other.  This is achieved with relative ease through the internet because in many respects because people interact with similar groups and there is endless cross over.  If you make a connection to one person, you might have also met one of their contacts in the past.  By linking to them, you can grow your own network.

How can Social Networking be used to generate business?

Follow and be followed; connect and be connected to; share and enjoy!  With Social Networking, like traditional networking, it's all about who you know.  Social Networking has one core feature which normal routes to market do not - in a word ... trust.  Place a full page ad in a broadsheet newspaper and if it hits the right market at the right time with the right message - you can make sales.  But first that ad needs to break down barriers.  If it's a non-established brand or even worse - a new idea, you'll need to get over a lot of issues before you can instil action in the reader.  But the social network allows you to break down barriers and enter other people's networks of friends, colleagues and contacts at an alarming speed.  Get Social Networking right, and you can achieve exponential growth.

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