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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing is the process of word of mouth and the movement and repetition of marketing messages.  If you take out an advert and one person reads it - that's marketing.  If they show it to their friend - that's viral marketing!

Viral Marketing used to be important and creating a buzz through guerrilla marketing could be enhanced by people taking your messages and repeating passing them on.  The internet and social networks have provided new platforms for viral marketing which help people to see something and share it instantly across their network.

The importance of Viral Marketing

Given the structure that currently exists and the smartphone revolution which also encourages sharing idea and networking, viral marketing is becoming more and more important.  This also enhances the need for a creative agency that understands your business, market and industry and can create differentiated marketing which gets passed around and shared.


Working with a Creative Agency

We are a creative agency.  This means that we combine all the best areas of a design agencybranding agencymarketing agency and even mobile agency together to offer you a full service agency experience.  Our approach is one of creative commercialism.  All of our creative work at it's core must work commercially otherwise its simply not worth doing.


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