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Website Design and Build

Website Design

Website Design or web design is the process of creating pages for the internet.  When we design websites, we consider a wide variety of factors in the planning stages to ensure the sites we build are on brand and on market to deliver a great return on investment for our clients.

When we build websites we go through a number of stages to ensure the sites we create are really producing results:

  • Sketch Design: The first stage is to sketch out how the site will look in terms of broad layout.  It is easy to modify a sketch design, so it makes it possible to try new ideas without investing investing the time fine tuning each idea.
  • Website Mock-ups: The mock-ups are full visual representations of how the site will look but they are still flat (provided in a jpeg).
  • Website Template: After the website mock-ups are agreed, we will convert the template into working HTML with some of the basic table layout.

Website Development

In the website development stage we will build all of the functionality and 'code' the website.  So, if you've got an e-commerce shop, this will be built.  If you've got a Content Management System - this will be created to help you manage your website development.

Testing your Website

One of the most important parts of building a successful website is to test, test and test again!  Problems in website design (for example, when a page displays as it should in Google Chrome but is wrong in Firefox) are called 'bugs'.  The process of getting rid of your website 'bugs' is called 'debugging'.

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