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Website Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance refers to the way in which your website is looked after or maintained on an ongoing basis.  There are many who set up a website, then allow it to become dormant or stale until the next time they 're-do the website'.  While it is always necessary from time to time to have an overhall, we would also advocate maintaining a websites content and updating it regularly to ensure the site stays fresh and useful for it's consumers.

Why do Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance keeps your website up to date for the people viewing it, but fresh copy is also crucial if the website is to be seen as a useful resource by the search engines.  Search engines feed off content, so generally speaking, the more your website expands and grows its content, the better it will do.

How is a Website Maintained?

There are two main ways a website is maintained:

You (the client) will update your content through the content management system and you will instruct the agency (that's us) to make design changes or come up with specific content.  For example, you might have a special Summer Sale which requires banner to be design and displayed throughout your site.  This would generally be done by the design agency you are working with.

If you want to change the 'about us' page or the price of a tin of beans, this is usually given to you to control and manage yourself through the content management system.

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