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Working with a Mobile Agency

Simplicity is Everything

When you're layout out a plan for your mobile development one of the most important factors is simplicity.  You might be converting your regular website into a mobile website for example.  In this case, it is often tempting to try to fit everything that used to fit in a big screen, into a small one.  More often than not, a mobile user has different needs to a desktop user so cutting down on clutter can often help you produce more effective results.

Consider the Time and the Place

With a standard website, you've got reasonable odds that your typical user will be sitting at a desk in front of a screen with a computer in front of them.  Not so with mobile.  Your user could be anywhere.  Take the example of a cafe.  If you take the mobile numbers of your customers you can plan your campaigns to coincide with the most likely time for your customers to be in a position where they might choose your cafe.  11.30am - it's lunchtime - if you know your customer works close to your shop you can send a text at just the right time saying, 'Hungry?  Why not pop along to XYZ Cafe in the next hour and we'll give you 10% off your bill'

Automation Feeds Timeliness

If you can profile your customers in such a way that you can anticipate when they might need your product or services, the final stage of the process is automation.  A good mobile agency should be able to build systems which incorporate things like automated texts or emails at certain times to best fit around your customer.  

Think like a Mobile User

Finally, remember to put yourself in the shoes of someone looking at your device through a mobile.  You do not always have the full concentration of the user like you do in a desktop environment so the solution needs to work for them.

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